For all new patients:

  • As a new patient with Dr. Maria, you will experience an extensive, investigative consultation process and your case will be prepared by Dr. Maria before your 2nd appointment.
  • The first appointment is 60 minutes
  • Your follow up appointment usually lasts for 30 minutes, occasionally 45 minutes if there is a lot of information to cover for your review.
  • Duration for all consultations starts at 30 minutes or part thereof. If an appointment goes beyond 60 minutes the charge is pro-rata based.
  • Medicare Rebates are correct at time of publication, and may change without notice
new patient forms

LenghtStandard PriceTelehealthMedicare Rebate
15 min$140$150$39.10
30 min$240$250$75.75
45 min$340$360$111.50
1 hour$440$440$111.50

LenghtAfter HoursMedicare Rebate
15 min$165$52
30 min$250$87.40
45 min$360$122
1 hour$460$122.55

Standard Consultation:

This is the most common consult, and usually takes up to 30 minutes or part thereof.

Long Consultation:

In this consultation, you will spend up to 45 minutes or part thereof.

Prolonged Consultation:

This is a prolonged consultation for 60 minutes, for complex medical consultations.

Weight Loss Program Consultation with a health coach

The first appointment is 60 minutes and will be charged at $440. This will attract a Medicare rebate of $111.50.

Follow up appointments (30-45 mins) – $185-$285

Weekly follow ups – 15 mins – $95 with a Medicare rebate of $38.75.

Note: A $20 fee applies where services are delivered by a specialised coach.

Cancelled or missed appointments

Cancelled or missed appointments at Mojo Klinik without 24 hours notice will incur the FULL CONSULTATION FEE.